Study M.B.B.S. in Philippines
Philippines is also known as Republic of Philippines is an archipelagic island of Southeast Asia located in the Pacific Ocean. It is known for its rich biodiversity and abundance in natural resources. It is considered to be twelfth populated country in the world. The literacy rate of the country is approximately 93%. The country is home to people from different ethnicity and cultural background. Manila is the capital of the country and Quezon City is the most populous city.
The country has been a Spanish and American colony in the past. In 1934, the country obtained its Commonwealth status. In October 1945, it became a founding member of United Nations. Post World War II, through the Treaty of Manila, the country was recognized as an independent nation. At present, it follows democratic system, where the constitutional head is the President.
The country consists of 7,107 islands and is located on the western coast of Pacific Ring of fire. Its coastline is considered as the fifth largest coastline in the world. This island is bordered by Philippine Sea, South China Sea and Celebes Sea. Most of the mountains are volcanic in nature. Owing to its volcanic activity, it has a rich deposit of minerals and is the second largest producer of geothermal energy.
High quality education, safe and conducive environment and affordable fee structure and other associated expenses are one of the primary reasons for international students to opt for higher education in the country. Apart from these, with a degree of the educational institutes in this country, you can explore job opportunities in different countries in the world. Medium of instruction for these courses is only English. Academic calendar begins in June and extends till March. A year comprises of two semesters, one from June to October and the other from November to March.


Bicol Christian College of Medicine

Ago Medical And Educational Center - Bicol Christian College of Medicine (BCCM) is an International college located in Philippines. Students can do major in a broad variety of subjects and earn undergraduate as well as post-graduate degrees.
BCCM is the Pioneer Institution in Medical and Top Producer of the Best Physicians in the Bicol Region. BCCM goes global with the most modern and up-to-date curriculum, top caliber medical specialists and basic sciences professors as lecturers, diverse and international student population, upgraded laboratory and resources, highly competitive and most number of scholars in medicine nationwide catering to poor students on full scholarship with holistic chance to enhance working and leadership skills as well as talents.

AMA School of Medicine

AMA School of Medicine is part of the AMA Education System. Dr. Amable R. Aguiluz V, is the founder of the Group. He has been an Ambassador of the Philippines to the Gulf Countries. He named college after the initials of his father's name, Amable Mendoza Aguiluz V, Sr. the AMA Educational System include the following educational institutes.
MBBS, MD or Medical education in the AMA School of Medicine leads to the MD degree which is equivalent to the MBBS degree in UK, Singapore, India and other commonwealth countries. AMA's medical degree is recognized as equivalent to the MBBS course in India by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and students will be given a license to practice in India similar to MBBS doctors from India, after completion of licensing formalities with the MCI in India. Similarly the Medical Degree from AMA is recognized as equivalent to the MBBS Degree in UK by the General Medical Council in UK and the medical councils in Singapore, Australia and Gulf countries. All Degrees are recognized by the USA.

University of Perpetual Help System

The University of Perpetual Help System DALTA is a nonsectarian, co-educational, private university, with campuses at Las Piñas, Molino, Cavite, and Calamba City, Laguna in the Philippines. The university offers programs in preschool, primary, secondary, tertiary levels, as well as short term vocational, technical, and special programs.The University of Perpetual Help System DALTA is a nonsectarian, co-educational, private university, with campuses at Las Piñas, Molino, Cavite, and Calamba City, Laguna in the Philippines. The university offers programs in preschool, primary, secondary, tertiary levels, as well as short term vocational, technical, and special programs. The school’s official name is University of Perpetual Help System DALTA (UPHSD). The seal was inspired by the special devotion of Dr. Josefina L. Tamayo, UPHS co-founder, to the Blessed mother, especially to the image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, the school’s patroness. University of Perpetual Help System DALTA was established while the tagline “Character Building is Nation Building”- UPHSD’s institutional motto expresses the encompassing commitment of Perpetual Help education to national development and progress. Antonio Laperal Tamayo, and his wife, Daisy Moran Tamayo, founded the University Of Perpetual Help System DALTA on February 5, 1975. The term “DALTA” in the name of the university is the acronym for Daisy Antonio Laperal Tamayo the conjugal founders.

Our Lady of Fatima University

The year 1967, marked the auspicious beginnings of what is to become a premier educational institution in the country particularly in the field of medicine, nursing, and paramedical courses. It all started when Jose C. Olivares, a chemistry professor by vocation but with strong entrepreneurial spirit, and his son -in-law, Dr. Vicente M. Santos, an obstetrician, founded the Our Lady of Fatima Hospital in 1967. It soon became the primary provider of medical services to the residents of Valenzuela and its neighboring towns. With a vision of creating medical complex that will be a training center for competent health care providers, Mr. Olivares created the Fatima Medical Science Foundation Inc., and initially established the Our Lady of Fatima College of Nursing in 1973. The unrelenting and concerted efforts to establish a center of excellence in the medical sciences and other disciplines by the administration, faculty and staff of the Our Lady of Fatima College have finally come to fruition. As an affirmation of the commitment to uphold the highest standard and quality of education, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) granted the College the University status in December 2, 2002by virtue of Resolution No. 401, series of 2002. Dr. Vicente M. Santos, Sr. was installed as the first president of the University in solemn investiture rites held on December 18 at the main campus in Valenzuela City. After that, the university was granted Deregulated status by the CHED, a privilege given only to selected private universities.

The Cagayan State University

The Cagayan State University (CSU) is the first and only state run comprehensive institution of higher learning in Cagayan. It has shared its historic contribution to the development of tertiary education in the Philippines. Presidential Decree 1436, signed on June 11, 1978 created the Cagayan State University by merging two existing state colleges: the Cagayan Valley College of Arts & Trades (CVCAT) at Tuguegarao and the Northern Luzon State College of Agriculture (NLSCA) at Piat.
Rationalized on the issues of efficiency and effectiveness, college courses of other smaller institutions that were under the supervision and control of the former Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports (MECS) were made an integral part of the university system. The CSU Central Administration Office was established in the CVCAT unit until the Gonzaga unit was developed as a main campus where operation was centralized. The AD HOC committee met and the monthly regular staff meeting was launched in the BNATS unit. To uplift the educational qualifications of the faculty, the Faculty and Staff Development Program was set up in the form of graduate programs effective summer of 1979. The come-on was fifty per cent discount in tuition fee.

Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicine

Emilio Aguinaldo College (EAC) was founded in 1951 under the name of Marian School of Midwifery.The Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicine was established on July 23, 2001 and it has two campuses in Manila city and greater Manila. It is approved by Commission of Higher Education (CHED) Philippines.
The Emilio Aguinaldo College is one of the premier coeducational universities in Manila, Philippines. It runs under the management of the Yaman Lahi Foundation Incorporated. Emilio Aguinaldo College has two campuses. Main Campus is in Ermita, Manila and another campus is in Cavite.Two Teaching hospitals are established in both campuses.The main campus's teaching hospital is known as Medical Center, Manila. It is one of the best hospitals within reach of people of all strata.The sports complex of this college consists of Swimming Pool, Basket Ball Court,Tennis Court, Running Tract, Gymnastics area etc. Dormitory facilities are found only for foreign students within campus. Nice and so secure environment are provided to foreign students with simple cost.
Emilio Aguinaldo College (EAC) offers a unique combination of a rigorous academic program, a medium- sized school, a diverse student body and all the resources the Pearl Manila Hotel, Medical Center Manila and the Emilio Aguinaldo Medical Center.The hotel and hospital environments provide students with an opportunity for authentic learning experiences which is rarely matched by other learning institutions.
Part of our organization is an International School which provides quality education that begins with a pre- school whiche mploys a Montesso-rbiased approach to prepare the young ones for entry to the elementary school. In the high school, standards are high and its challenging curriculum is geared towards offering an International Baccalaureate Program.
Our high school graduates enter premier universities because of their strong academic foundation focused on Mathematics and Sciences. In 2009, our high school ranked in the top ten private schools in the National Achievement Test for the NCR .

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